Sunday, January 13, 2008

Campaigns Break Out in South Suburbs

while i was out this weekend, i saw dozens of campaign signs and a few canvassers out, as well. i talked with one canvasser, who was out knocking on doors for al riley. al riley is the newly appointed state representative where i live (38th district). he's running for election against toni ashmore. you may have seen toni out at the metra train stops in the area, passing out her own literature.

anyway, the canvasser i talked to said that he was canvassing for riley as a friend of the madigans. he apparently lives outside the area, but said he "grew up" with lisa madigan and has known the madigans for 30 years. the significant thing is that the speaker is actively supporting al riley and has brought in his troops to help him get elected. the "walk piece" that the canvasser was distributing is below:

by way of coincidence, toni ashmore has been canvassing in our neighborhood as well. her walk piece is below.

signs for riley, tj somer and thomas mahoney have also popped up:

only one month before everything has to come down!

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Rich Miller said...

Kinda odd that Riley's sign colors don't match up with his mail.