Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Madigan's Troops Carry Riley to Victory

the race in this area has been near the center of the fault line. the speaker of the house, michael madigan, and the governor of illinois, rod blagojevich, seem pitted in a titanic battle to decide power and influence in the state. unfortunately, we -- the residents of illinois -- are the losers in this battle.

that battle became local as rich township supervisor, al riley, was appointed to the unfilled term of state representative robin kelly (who took the job of chief of staff for state treasurer alexi giannoulias). some thought, apparently including the governor's office, that this made riley the most vulnerable of state reps in 2008. it wasn't that close.

in flossmoor, the presence of madigan workers has been apparent in the last couple of weekends. they've been out knocking on doors, putting up yard signs, and asking voters to commit to voting for riley. that work paid off, as david orr's office shows riley winning by a substantial margin:

Al Riley 17,037 63.85%
Toni T. Ashmore 9,646 36.15%

we've gotten at least eight mailers from riley, while i don't recall seeing a single one from ashmore. toni campaigned at the flossmoor metra station, and you could find her literature at local churches, but nothing that was widespread...

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