Thursday, February 19, 2009

Flossmoor's Missing Mayor

I had previously posed the question, shouldn't the mayor live here? Flossmoor's mayor, Roger Molski, uses Flossmoor as a second home; in essence, a place where he can escape the people whenever he's in the village.

Which isn't at night. Once again, it snowed, and I could get visual proof that the mayor (and his wife) were at their (primary) residence downtown. They certainly weren't here in Flossmoor.

Now I understand the mayor's desire to be with his wife, to sleep in his own bed, to have his dog around. And I understand that the real estate market is tight -- probably even tighter for the mayor's condo, since he had our neighbor's torn down and all that remains is an ugly empty lot that no one appreciates. What I don't understand is why he would run for mayor in a place that he's basically abandoned.

The sparkling lights of the big city must be seductive. But if Molski really wants to be mayor, why doesn't he run in Chicago? Where he lives.


Anonymous said...

Mayor Molski lives in Flossmoor. Just because his car was not in the spot one nite means nothing. STOP STALKING Roger!

bored now said...

could you provide us with roger's new address in flossmoor? i know he hasn't sold his condo (yet), and i know about his place in the city. but i don't know his new flossmoor address.

feel free to post it here!