Thursday, March 12, 2009

Flossmoor's Missing Mayor Threatens Residents

After the theatrics of Rod Blagojevich, you would have thought that Illinois' politicians would have understood that abusing their power and threatening people isn't a good idea.

But not here in Flossmoor!

Flossmoor's Missing Mayor, back from his prolonged vacation in another state, decided to give me a call! I don't know how he got my number -- probably another example of his abuse of power -- but the first thing out of his mouth was:

I'll make this short and sweet. Illinois has a law that prohibits free speech and what you have been saying about me has defamed my character.

Roger Molski may never have heard of the Free Speech rights afforded to American citizens in the First Amendment or -- more likely -- he was just trying to intimidate me from talking about the fact that he's been going home to his place in Chicago every night (well, before his campaign started).

Personally, I've had my fill of Blagojevich tactics, of politicians taking us for granted and thinking that they can intimidate us just because we are paying attention. No one begrudges Roger his right to go home and sleep in his bed, to be with his wife -- but Molski shouldn't run for mayor if he feels the need to do that.

Given the blight that Molski brought to Flossmoor in the last four years -- something that is evident to anyone who travels down Flossmoor Road (our main drag) -- we have every right to note that he is not fully invested in our community. We don't need a commuter Mayor, an absentee Mayor, a missing Mayor leading us in this time of economic crisis. Because of Molski's actions (taking five businesses off our tax roles just because he thought it was a good idea), our village finances are more strained than they would have been. Property values around Molski's blight have been degraded, while our property taxes have been increased.

Shortly after six this evening, Roger Molski threatened to take me to court because I think Flossmoor deserves a fully invested mayor who actually resides here 24/7/365. I told him that we should take it to the voters -- and Molski's threats have now motivated me to take these issues before our community. I thought we got rid of all these Blagojevich antics; I didn't realize that we had our own little Mayor Blagojevich right here in Flossmoor!

[pics are of Roger Molski's parking spots from this winter's blizzard; just another indication that the mayor doesn't live here anymore]


Anonymous said...

By any chance, do you know where Roger and/or his wife voted in the recent election? In Chicago or in Flossmoor? (or maybe both?!?!)

bored now said...

roger is a faithful republican who votes in every election in flossmoor, fulfilling the technical definition of residency. (he did vote in the democratic primary in 2006 -- to vote for the governor, iirc.)

his wife is not on the voter rolls here in flossmoor.

no one questions that molski meets the *technical* definition of residency. people are merely questioning his loyalty to flossmoor, and whether his duel residency effects his judgment as mayor. would molski have brought in a troubled developer -- something i pointed out at the village board meeting where they approved waving our zoning code to benefit "his friend" -- if molski was fully invested in our community? i doubt it. would molski have allowed liquor to be sold across the street from H-F -- something that no "good school" has -- if he was fully invested in flossmoor? probably not.

these examples of molski's bad judgment seemingly come from the fact that he doesn't really live here, that he goes home each night (well, when he's not running for mayor) to the city. the decisions he makes as mayor have no consequence for molski's future -- but they do have a consequence on our's...