Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Robin Kelly (Finally) Returns Home to Talk about Treasurer Race

On October 13, the state Treasurer's Chief of Staff Robin Kelly returned to the South Suburbs to talk to a packed room for "Team Obama" at the Flossmoor Station. Prior attempts to schedule the hometown favorite had been thwarted by the special session.

She started off talking about why she left the General Assembly to become Alexi Giannoulias' Chief of Staff. She laid out her reasons for running and what she hopes to accomplish as state Treasurer.

As one would expect from a Chief of Staff (and an experienced politician), Kelly has a clear vision for what she wants to do as Treasurer. Robin Kelly spoke about how, since she joined Treasurer Giannoulias as his Chief of Staff, the two have worked as a team. She clearly wants to continue the numerous reforms begun in the Treasurer's office during their tenure.

This video is 13:12 long.

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