Thursday, August 9, 2007

DCCC Attacks Iraq War Supporter Mark Kirk

the democratic congressional campaign committee has bought time to air ads against pro-iraq war congressman mark kirk in the 10th congressional district here in illinois. the ad says:

Announcer: News Talk ……..Traffic, sponsored by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee,

Traffic Report……

Disclaimer: The DCCC is responsible for the content of this advertising, not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. Announcer: Republican Congressman Mark Kirk voted four times this year to support George Bush's failed policy in Iraq. Call Mark Kirk. Tell him we need a new direction in Iraq.

i've talked to the d-trip about this race, and asked for their assessment of the forthcoming primary. inclusion on this list seems to suggest that they dccc will be involved in this race regardless. but my conversations with them has focused on the advantages that dan seals has by having run before. without saying that they will be helping dan in the primary, i was told: "dan's our guy." very telling...

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