Friday, August 10, 2007

Northshore Drama

if you haven't heard yet, jay footlik is moving back to illinois to run for congress. there are plenty of rumors about that his ambition was encouraged by hillary clinton's campaign. that may or may not be true -- i certainly could not verify it -- but i have been able to track down rumors that were not true. footlik's supporters have long been saying that former congressman abner mikva was supporting jay, which is not true. they have also said that congressman rahm emanuel was supporting footlik, something else that has been denied.

dissent over footlik's primary challenge to the very strong candidacy of dan seals has boiled over in the new trier democrats, which had united around seals's campaign against iraq war supporter mark kirk. one prominent member of the new trier dems left the organization after trying to convince the group to support footlik. she moved over to the obama for president campaign, which is where the drama began.

our former new trier dem was organizing house parties for barack obama on the north shore. a number of hosts had signed up. one party had gotten dan seals to introduce obama. when other hosts heard of this, they asked to fold their separate house parties into the obama-seals house party. everybody, they figured, would prefer to attend the party where their two favorite candidates showed up!

our dissenter attempted to talk the party's hostess out of using dan as the introducer for obama. several scurrilous things were said, including the false rumors discussed above. we hear the house party was very successful, that dan did a wonderful job introducing barack, and that the obama campaign raised a hefty sum. no word on whether the footlik supporter who arranged this house party for barack was in attendence, though...


Anonymous said...

Jay Footlik outraised Seals in the last quarter and appears to be raising far more than Seals this quarter

bored now said...

how can you tell who appears to be raising more?