Tuesday, August 14, 2007

IL-14 Candidates Get Opportunity to Speak at YearlyKos

two candidates for congress from il-14 sponsored the celebration of netroots candidates held after the friday sessions at this year's yearlykos. but only one of them took advantage of that opportunity. video from this follows:

bill foster actually spent quite a bit of time at yearlykos. he attended the regional blogger's caucus as well as other sessions in order to meet with local and national bloggers and make the case for his candidacy. he was warmly received at both the netroots candidates celebration and the regional blogger's caucus.

both jotham stein and john laesch made appearances at the netroots candidate's celebration. neither made it in time to be introduced to the entire audience, wandering in afterward (lolapalooza was in full form by friday evening).

also participating in this year's yearlykos was tom, bill foster's campaign manager. tom attended the illinois blogger's caucus and made a pitch for bill foster there, as well. it was evident that the foster campaign takes the netroots seriously and made great efforts to connect with the bloggers in the state, in the region and in the country.

given the imminent retirement of dennis hastert and the actual retirement of ray lahood, prairie state blue offers an inside look into two open congressional seats, as well as il-03 and il-10 -- probably the most competitive race of them all. archpundit has more of an expert look into various congressional campaigns.

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