Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More on BP Polluting Lake Michigan

npr's all things considered covered the mounting outrage at bp's desire to dump more pollutants into lake michigan, the source of much of our drinking water in the chicagoland region.

perhaps the most interesting part of this story (you can read or listen to it at the link above) is that bp is attempting to use human eyesight as proof that it's not polluting -- even though it requested a permit to increase it's dumping of pollution into the lake. clean water is not defined as clear water, as joe morrison of bp tries to suggest. clean water is free of particulates, clear of "the ammonia and suspended solids that are byproducts of making gasoline." does bp really believe that it can pull the wool over our eyes?

the story also mentions our "favorite" endangered illinois incumbent, mark kirk. as usual, kirk is talking about a problem instead of solving problems. that may be why he's endangered (although the real reason is dan seals). but the mayor of waukegan made a valid point: why are we spending so much money trying to clean up lake michigan when we allow bp to dump more pollutants in it? there's got to be a better way...

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